Kicking inanimate objects

gigHere’s an early mix of Kicking inanimate objects, the first track from the Spirals album. When we went into record Spirals and camped out at Vale Studios, it was fantastic as you could work all day and night with a constant source of , let’s say, liquid refreshment! However, it’s a big old house and in March it was cold and the first night I just couldn’t sleep so I spent my long waking hours working on this song. By the morning it had changed its structure, all the words and it had a completely different title, to this day it remains my favourite song on the album.  The clanging introduction on the album version  was put together by Ant who used a sample of me wacking the radiator at home. I discovered the acoustic qualities of the common household radiator by clumsily knocking a cast iron door stop into it! ~ Nic

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