Church of Elvis family tree

Conceded Church of Elvis have been around for a few years although they are probably at their most active just now and there have been a lot of CofE members come and go over the years and we all have connections to other bands so here’s a family tree.

Nic Beales – Life Support / The Optimum and ISD, / Distort Resort (which was inspired by the name Vision Collision who were by the way, a great band with Terry Lilley of Terry and Gerry and Fossit who later joined CofE). 1980 – The Nightingales, then Nic formed Pigbros with Jonathan and Fuzz Townsend (then of Hippo Hippo) with Richard London of the Cravats joining later. Sherrif B, Mark Lemon Band and The drum machine driven Frinton Bay Rowdies!

Jonathan Cooke – Pigbros / Giant Treads Clean / Love Machine (with Andy Lloyd )/ The Comotose and Frinton Bay Rowdies.

Antony Cook – Certain Circles / Giant Treads Clean / Little Red Schoolhouse / Yeah Yeah Noh / PRoM / Andy Wickett’s World service / Betty & The Id / MEGATORY

Church of Elvis is Neil Jenkins’ first band , bless him so he’s never had to endure that empty feeling of disappointment and despair that seems to have been the inevitable result of playing rock n roll!

Here’s a list of people who ave played with COE over the years:

Nic Beales

Jonathan Cooke

Antony Cook


Shirley Cook

Pete Howarth

Sian Howarth

Bryan Duffy (occasional didgeridoo and keyboards)

Neil Jenkins

Catherine Hey

Andy Lloyd

Jo Jenkins